Performance tracking is a vital part of any online success story. Creating a successful website, forging a strong overall web presence and driving calls and emails to your place of business in an organic and holistic manner are all important steps on the path towards economic security.

But all of that can be erased by a lack of attention to detail.

The market changes on a whim nowadays, and without proper tracking performance, your new website could very well be left behind.

One of biggest secrets to the success of some social media platforms, for example, is the way in which they track performance. Facebook tracks the way in which its users interface with its various applications and, from there, regularly reinvents itself just enough to keep its interface and overall design and services relevant and exciting without totally redesigning the site in such a way as it becomes no longer recognizable. By contrast, several social media sites have come and gone, waxed and waned, but through performance tracking, Facebook has, thus far, stood the test of time in the ever-changing and highly-competitive world of social media.

The same principle holds true for any business venture online, and that’s why we at Local Touch offer first-class performance tracking.

We’ll work to track the calls and emails that you receive as a result of our templates and services, allowing you to see the how your investment with us is proceeding. You’ll be able to rate the quality of those calls and emails, providing both and us with vital feedback. We also offer a dashboard option which allows you to perform your own in-depth analysis of various articles, templates, SEO keywords and other aspects of your overall project. What’s more, our trained experts will look over the data on their own.

Whether you wish to micro-manage or leave it up to us, you’ve got the touch with Local Touch.

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