Local Touch is a method by which we work to increase the overall attention your business supports by helping you to attract and sustain real clients via organic marketing and communications methods. One such method which is becoming increasingly important in this Age of the Internet is the ability to build your overall web presence.

Having an enhanced we presence in today’s day and age is an absolute must. Simply put, an independent webpage, Facebook account and other such markers are today what business cards were for our generation growing up—a sign of legitimacy and success. Most Fortune 500 companies employ these methods, and they can help you too. Even after establishing these mainstays of the modern corporate and social media-driven landscape, however, you’re still going to need some method of directing business to those webpages as well as your company in general—and that’s where we come in.

Local touch will work to put you and your business online in a quick and efficient manner by first helping you to create a website via preexisting templates and then allowing you to customize and fill in those templates with content-specific and traffic-generating material.

Our templates range in style and are designed so as to optimize the way in which the content in question is presented to your audience.

We even include a mobile version of the website at no additional charge.

Our websites feature:

  • Conversion-Oriented Design: Our website templates are specifically designed to help you attract business and, ultimately, to drive calls and emails to your place of business, optimizing overall business potential as well as customer response
  • A Proven Formula: One of the most important abilities in any facet of advertising is to not only grab people’s attention, but hold it as well. As such, our templates are designed in such a way as to not only be compelling, but to also, on average, keep potential customers online and on your site longer than the Internet average
  • Mobile Compatibility: As stated above, our web templates are fully compatible with mobile devices
  • Full Customization:Make your site reflect your company’s ideology and personality with our customization options

In addition to all of this, we provide directors, maps, and ongoing maintenance and support for your business and content, so contact us today and let Local Touch help get you started on the path of web dominance.

Build Your Touch site, with an enhance online presence:

Local Touch has your website up in running with in a week. Our Responsive website, also come mobile friendly . We also list you on key directories and maps, promote your business, and support it all with a team of experts. You sit back and enjoy the results.

You Get a Professionally Designed Website (Mobile, Too!)

We start by building you a high-quality website that launches within 24 hours. Our creative professionals design websites that look and feel like expensive, custom sites – but at a very affordable price. And every new Yodle site comes with a mobile version at no extra charge.

All Elevated websites have:

Designed to convert – your website will look great, and it will generate calls and emails, converting visitors into prospective customers
Proven to perform – visitors to Local Touch spend an average of six minutes on site, compared to the industry average of just 33 seconds
Optimized for mobile – you’ll be ready to capture the rapidly growing number of customers using mobile devices to find local businesses
Customizable – you can modify your site with options like additional pages, video files, new images, and custom colors
We List Your Business Profile in Directories and Maps
Once your website is up and running – we make your web presence even stronger through important properties like Google Places™, Google+, Yahoo!® Local, MSN, and Yelp.

The more your business appears on networks like these, the more credible you become in the eyes of search engines and customers alike.

We Provide Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Your web presence is the foundation of your online marketing. So we provide a team of experts to make sure it’s always working well.

We take care of all the details from content to your domain name to hosting to security updates. And that means you have more time to focus on running the rest of your business.

Next step: Drive Calls & Emails.